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In the last 25 years, drum and bass has been transformed from a niche underground genre to a global-phenomenon. King Of Clubs explores the legitimisation of D&B, through the illegal raves, drug culture and gang violence that it brought with it, and the rise of one of the largest D&B promoters: One Nation.

For this documentary I was given over 100 hours of interview footage and over 25 hours of archive footage and tasked with completely crafting the narrative structure from scratch. I used my knowledge of story structure and screenwriting to create a story that followed Michael Hauge’s seven-act Hollywood-formula (as closely as the footage permitted) and for the character development of Terry Stone, whose journey is the primary narrative thread, I followed the Hero’s journey, as presented by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey. The documentary is a tight, compelling narrative that compacts the history of drum and bass down into a 90 minute feature film.

  • Directed and Produced by Terry Stone & Richard Turner
  • Edited by William Long

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