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William Long is a London-based film-editor, specialising in Adobe Premiere Pro with a keen sense of narrative.

His first feature film, Fanged Up (2018 – Directed by Christian James) was released in 2018. His first documentary feature, King of Clubs (2019 – Directed by Terry Stone & Richard Turner) is due to be released Autumn 2019.

William has a deep understanding and love of narrative structure and character development and is able to refine scripted work and craft non-scripted work into compelling, rhythmic films.

He’s worked on a vast array of films, including features, documentary, commercials, animation and music videos. His films have been shown at festivals around the world, including FrightFest, Animafest Zagreb, Glastonbury and GoldenSun Malta.

He began editing in 2008, producing behind-the-scenes footage for BBC’s Big Cat Live. He has since worked on films for clients around the world, such as Google, Dior, Boots, Jameson, Grants Whisky YouTube and DHL.

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